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Chef & Gardener
Maurice (Moe) Mathieu

Chef Moe comes from a long line of cooks.  His great-grandmother, grandmother, grandfather, and mother all spent time behind the stoves.  He started his foray into the kitchen at an early age as his mom's number one potato peeler and hasn't looked back.
Moe graduated from the Culinary Institute of Canada and later obtained an applied degree in culinary operations from Holland College.  Since finishing school, he completed stages at Alinea in Chicago, Illinois and The French Laundry in Napa, California and has had an amazing professional career in the culinary industry. The time spent in these restaurants exposed Moe to the world of local, seasonal products that helped shape his vision of food going forward.


Moe was the opening chef and co-owner of the award-winning Willow on Wascana and Beer Brothers in Reinga. After establishing two restaurants, Moe took on the task of teaching others about food and became a Chef Instructor at Sask Polytech in Saskatoon.  He would later be the Dining Services Manager at Luther College in Regina.  In his most recent industry role, Moe was the Director of Nutrition for the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  As he progressed through these challenging but rewarding roles, his passion for growing food and sustainability grew. He incorporated the concept of local seasonal food into his everyday work and naturally wanted to take things to the next level.

Throughout his life and career, Moe has always been a gardener.  Wanting to expand on his love of growing food, he decided to leave the corporate world to start working for himself. His dream became a reality in 2023 when he started About and Acre Farm. This little farm focuses on growing the most nutritious and delicious salad greens, microgreens, and culinary herbs. Moe’s culinary experience allows him to appreciate the difference in flavors of locally produced products. He puts a tremendous amount of care and attention into each plant, the soil, and the water, ensuring people have a quality product that will keep them nourished.  

Asquith, microgreens, farm, purslane, amaranth

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